We are who we are and we are all different. What we share is our faith in God and in this place we make up our Church together.

Everyone who shares a simple statement of faith in God and in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour has the opportunity to meet together regularly at our Church Meeting to shape our church life.

Lorraine Gasside

Pastoral Care Ministry Leader

Jean Gregory

Mission and Outreach Ministry Leader

Andrea Lacey

Children’s Ministry Leader

Mary Buchanan

Youth Ministry Leader

Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team serves the whole church family, helping us to focus on six areas of church life:

Worship – Maureen Williams and Karen Waldock
Discipleship – Judi Marsh and Karen Waldock
Children’s Work – Andrea Lacey
Youth Work – Mary Buchanan
Pastoral Care – Lorraine Gasside, Louise Middleton, Rachel Jacques

Mission and Outreach – Jean Gregory

At present we are seeking a full-time Minister to join our Ministry Team.

Deacons, Trustees and Church Office

Our Deacons and Church Officers serve the whole church as Managing Trustees and ensure that all the Church does is in keeping with its aims as a Congregational Church and its responsibilities as a charity, with reference to finances, safeguarding, health and safety, disability, employment and other legislation. It is their responsibility to appoint, review and support the Ministry Leaders and Minster and ensure good employment practice for paid employees and volunteers alike.

Our Deacons are Darryl Mills, Janet Partington, Mary Michael, Sue Cole and Kate.

Our Church Secretary is Iain MacLeod and our Church Treasurer is Roger Gregory.

Our Church Administrator is Julie Lane and our Church Office is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-30 to 12-30.