A Celebration

We share baptism with anyone who has not been baptised before however young or old.

It is wonderful to shape a Baptism service with a family or with someone who comes forward for baptism, making it a very personal celebration.

A service of Baptism is very much part of our usual morning service as the Sacrament of Baptism speaks very much to everyone present and is not just about the one being baptised.

Just as the water we use in baptism is real, so too the love that God pours over us is real. That’s the message at the heart of Baptism: God’s there first in our lives, before ever we have done anything to deserve his love, he simply loves us. Baptism is a celebration of the freely given gift of God’s grace, poured over us in all his love.

For that love to make a difference in our lives, however, we need to make it our own. When a baby is baptised it is just the beginning of a journey of faith and a time when parents promise help and support. The church welcomes the child and will offer support and guidance in finding their own faith and responding to the love God has for them.
Our hope and prayer is that when they make decisions in adult life they will come to the point of making their own profession of faith by saying, I believe in God and in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

At that point we recognise the grace of God at work within them, extend the right hand of fellowship to them and welcome them into church membership, giving them a task to do in the life of the church and challenging them always to remember those most in need.

That’s why we ask the parents to make promises to bring their little one up in the love of their family home, in the teaching of the Christian faith, so that as they are growing up they will discover the difference God’s love makes to them.

There is something of a challenge in every baptism service for all who are present. If this is what we hope and pray for this little one, or for this adult, have we ourselves received the gift of God’s love and made it our own by taking that step of life-transforming faith?

The church offers support and preparation to anyone who would like to be baptised as an adult. They will go on in the baptism service to make a profession of faith and enter into full membership of the church.